Knudsen / Bøen Collective

I Remember
Research in Artistic Practice Programme. Photo by Toke Hagen

I remember… by Knudsen/Bøen Collective

How can we through sharing and performing memories, trigger memories in others? The exchange of memories between individuals forms the foundation of this work where we focus on physical and sensorial triggers to access personal memory archives, and explore ways of transforming and performing memory materials.

For more than four years now, I have travelled across the Nordic countries with Karen Eide Bøen to present our Interactive Memory Workshop/performance piece: I remember …

“I remember the plastic smell of my sister’s water wings and how they would rub on my skin when I hugged her. I remember the smell of salt, drying on our shoulders, popping out of the water when we were too busy playing.”

In I remember…, the Knudsen/Bøen Collective awakes childhood memories of their participants/audiences through the use of senses and movement. Whether the discoveries from the land of memory are reality or fantasy is of no importance in this playful exploration of memory.

Exchange and improvisation are key notions in I remember… and through workshops the Knudsen/Bøen Collective invites the public to share and become part of their immersing Memory Landscape.

The Knudsen/Bøen Collective is a collaboration between theatre practitioner Lise Aagaard Knudsen and dance artist Karen Eide Bøen. They invite other artists in to play too and has collaborated several times with scenographer Mie Dinesen.

Video documentation from I remember…s very first residency Research in Artistic Practice Programme (RAPP) at Laboratoriet – now Seachange Lab – Godsbanen Aarhus 2015


Transistor Meetings 2018

Warehouse 9
Copenhagen, Denmark
October 2018

International Artistic Residency & Workshop Programme

Teater Nordkraft
Aalborg, Denmark
June 2017

CPH Stage / Det Frie Felts Festival

Copenhagen, Denmark
May 2016

CPH Stage : Det Frie Felts Festival

Archival Re-Enactment Symposium

Malmö University, Sweden
March 2016

Research in Artistic Practice Programme 2015 (RAPP 2015)

Laboratoriet (Seachange Lab)
Aarhus, Denmark
March 2015

Laboratoriet (Seachange Lab) ​