Purple Ostrich

Purple Ostrich Productions is a London-based feminist theatre company. We look at marginalised characters and stories, and bring them centre stage. We believe in reflecting the wonderful diversity of London and opening theatre up to new audiences.

The company was formed in 2015 by two RCSSD graduates, Kerry Fitzgerald and myself, and has until now worked with film, theatre and pop up performances, as well as teaching.

Purple Ostrich

Current project: Come Hygge Yourself

Come Hygge Yourself is a spoof-seminar comedy show by Kerry Fitzgerald and Lise Aagaard Knudsen, presented by Purple Ostrich Productions as part of the Playmill season 2019 (a curated three-week festival of new work from emerging companies) at The King’s Head Theatre in July.

The show was well received and got a ⭐⭐⭐⭐ re review from From-Page-To-Stage!

Kerry Fitzgerald and Lise Knudsen work well together… Both have excellent comic timing and they do incredibly well to remain poker-faced during the more chaotic moments during the show…
Come Hygge Yourself is a unique, thought-provoking and hilariously awkward production that’s guaranteed to raise a smile. If only all work seminars were as entertaining as this!

Read the full review here.

Praise for Previous Work

‘Entertaining from the opening dance to the final pledge of
honour. Witty AND thought provoking.’ Vadge of Honour Audience Feedback

‘What I’d been feeling emotionally for a long time but not managed to put into words you managed to distill into an hour of laughter, politics and sense. A thoroughly thought provoking giggle with your pals in a living room about being a woman today.’ Vadge of Honour – Audience Feedback

‘Overall, Romea and Julian proves that this tale is truly universal. It sees through gender, race, age and time. The cast present the story with ease, making the language easy to understand and relatable to a contemporary audience.’ Romea and Julian- theatregirlsite Review

‘Confidence is not something in which Kerry Fitzgerald is
lacking…Feminist twists on the classics are hard to get right, but there is a lot to be applauded in both this company’s ambition and execution.’ As You Like It? – View From the Gods Review

Christmas Cracker
Christmas Cracker, The Vaults, Waterloo, 2016
As You Like It, Pleasance Theatre, 2015


Come Hygge Yourself 

Teaterøen / The King’s Head Theatre

Vadge Of Honour​

Comedy Lecture
The Village Butty

Christmas Cracker​

Comedy Lecture
The Vaults, Waterloo

Vaults Christmas Cracker

As You Like It​

The Pleasance

As You Like It